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Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams (Hardcover)

"I have been struck by epiphany after epiphany listening to these tapes...!" -- Steve Bailey, Simi Valley, California

"I was blown away! I squealed with delight! TTFN, FFL" -- Teddi Williams, Lake Wales, Florida

"Just a little feedback on the tapes...GREAT, FABULOUS, THE BEST! Thank You from the UK!!" -- Rosemary Homer, Bristol, England

Among the "big boys" (Robbins, Dyer, Nightingale, etc.), Dooley is the most literate and professorial... a dazzling intellect. -- Los Angeles Entertainment Today, February 7, 2003 --This text refers to the Audio Cassette edition.

"Infinite Possibilities is the perfect book at the perfect time. It is full of wisdom, answers, and guidance -- a unique combination that is guaranteed to help anyone during times of change and transition. I loved it." -- Ariane de Bonvoisin, bestselling author of The First 30 Days

"Having been a fan of the 'big boys' -- Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Earl Nightingale, et al. -- I came away with the realization that Dooley is the most literate and professorial of them all." -- Roger Yale, Los Angeles Entertainment Today

"I am so excited about this book! Mike Dooley has given every human soul a great and wonderful gift. He shows us in the clearest terms yet just how to produce what God has always intended for us: a life of joy unbounded!" -- Neale Donald Walsch, author of When Everything Changes, Change Everything and Conversations with God

"This book is your ticket to living. After experiencing Infinite Possibilities, you will never see life from the same perspective." -- James Van Praagh, author of Unfinished Business

Great Self Help Tool - Unique and Original, October 24, 2003
By hkd_999 "hkd_999" (Bay Area - CA, USA)

This is a set of twelve audio tapes (or CDs). The over-riding theme revolves around the old saying that "As one thinks so shall one become" with a lot of other secondary themes and principles. The way in which Mike Dooley speaks and the way he uses logic and deduction makes his ideas quite credible, inspiring and frankly unique compared to a lot of other similar material. The beauty of these tapes is that there are twelve separate themes -- from relationships to beliefs to Q&A and more.
Overall his methods and approach are the opposite of dogmatic and are very positive, open-minded and at least for my tastes not overly spacey or new-age. I would have to say that his approach to describing God is one of the most convincing, practical and realistic that I have heard.

Mike professes to start each day with a cigar and a cup of coffee which I think is pretty cool and shows that he is pretty much living a life like everyone else and not a guru or too "new-age" so to speak.

Right On!, September 10, 2009
By Eco-Friendly Interior Designer (New York, New York USA)

I just love reading books about the law of attraction, so I grabbed Infinite Possibilities by Mike Dooley. This book is based on Dooley's highly successful audio tapes, published in 2001.

I found this book to be engaging, thoughtful and entertaining. Dooley knows the subject of the law of attraction very well.

According to Dooley, the book is about "learning of your power and responsibilities." It is also about understanding our divine powers.

The key is to learn how to train our thinking to direct our experience, something Dooley assures us that we are capable of doing, as humans are infinite and powerful "fun-loving gladiators of the universe." In other words, we have been around forever, in a different form, in the universe. As gladiators, we created our human form. We are connected to God because God lives within us and throughout the universe.

Change comes from our imagination (infinite and powerful!), our beliefs and expectations. "There is nothing you can't do, nothing you can't have, nothing you can't be," according to Dooley. How we think creates our world and our feelings and emotions can make our dreams a reality. When you desire something, picture the end result very clearly--be specific.

When we want a particular outcome--a job, romance, etc.--we should act as if it already has occurred. If you are seeking a partner, buy 2 tickets for an event, for example. Plan as if it has already occurred.

In the tools and techniques chapter, Dooley recommends visualization, vision boards, scrap books and meditation, among a few other things. All good stuff. As I mentioned, I have read numerous books on the law of attraction. I would also recommend some Feng Shui to add to the power of manifesting--it works. Try my favorites--Harmonious Environment: Beautify, Detoxify & Energize Your Life, Your Home & Your Planet and Feng Shui Tips.

There is also a question and answer chapter on frequently asked questions. I love how he writes, act like life is "easy and fun and knowable and it becomes that."

The book concludes with a pep talk on appreciating self as the unique being each and every one of us is.

Highly recommend!