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Smash Cut: A Novel (Hardcover)

Product Description
The latest thriller from "masterful storyteller" (USA Today) Sandra Brown

THE PRINCIPALS: Paul Wheeler: CEO of the Wheeler Enterprises empire, is shot dead during an armed robbery. Julie Rutledge: A savvy, cultured, and attractive Southern woman, was hand-inhand with Paul Wheeler at the time of his death. Derek Mitchell: A defense lawyer of renown, he goes to the mat to make a case for every client -- and headlines for himself. Creighton Wheeler: The prodigal nephew of Paul and a playboy with a passion for movies. Even those closest to Creighton can't be sure when he exits reality and enters the fantasy world of films.

STORYBOARD: The murder of Paul Wheeler has all the elements of a blockbuster: family rivalries, incalculable wealth, and a prominent man dying in the arms of his beautiful mistress. It's a case that could earn Derek Mitchell even greater star power. When the Wheeler family approaches him about defending Creighton for his uncle's murder -- even before he's charged -- he jumps at the chance.

Although Creighton has a rock-solid alibi, Julie is convinced that he is responsible for Paul's murder. Caught in several lies, and keeping secrets from Derek and the police, Julie is suspected of casting blame on Creighton to cover her own crime. Meanwhile, Derek fears he's being duped...yet he burns with jealousy when he thinks of Julie with her late lover. But the more Derek learns about Creighton, the more he doubts the young man's innocence. And hiding in a squalid motel under an assumed name is the one man, a career criminal, a killer, who knows the truth. The clock ticks down toward a shocking ending that can't be known until the final SMASH CUT.

Unabridged Compact Disk Includes a Bonus MP3 CD of Sandra Brown's The Switch!

About the AuthorSANDRA BROWN is the author of numerous New York Times bestsellers--including most recently Smash Cut, Smoke Screen, Play Dirty, Ricochet, Chill Factor, White Hot, Hello, Darkness, The Crush, and Envy. She is the recipient of the 2008 Thriller Master Award from International Thriller Writers, Inc. She and her husband live in Arlington, Texas.

Lost in a world of sordid lust and carnal desires, August 11, 2009
By Lace Merlinds

Sasha Brown is among the best writers that adds suspense-filled overtones to an underlining romantic plotline. Her newest book, Smash Cut, is just another example of her brilliant pen work. The book begins with the murder of a highly successful, well-recognizable CEO, Paul Wheeler. What at first seems like a simple robbery, however, is proving to be anything but.

The Atlanta businessman had romantic entanglements with one of the most successful art dealers in the Southern US, Julie Rutledge, may be the only viable witness alive.

As this case dominates the headlines, the world renown defense lawyer, Derek Mitchell, is hired by the family to defend, Creighton Wheeler, the nephew of Paul, whom has yet to be charged with the crime.

This is a bold move from the family and it raises all sorts of red flags. But laying in wait is Julie, who is committed to bringing justice to Paul, and is willing to do all she can to see that it happens -- and her first task is to prevent the incredibly handsome, Derek Mitchell, from defending the case.

This latest book by Ms. Brown moves along at a blinding pace. The book starts fast and only gains momentum. The twist and turns are so unpredictable, that you cannot see them coming. For instance: Creighton Wheeler is the primary suspect, yet has an alibi for the night of the crime. But if he is not guilty, then why did the family rush and hire the best defense lawyer in the business? And what role did, Julie Rutledge, truly play in all this? Remember, she is the viable witness?

The characters are brilliantly constructed and mesmerize the reader by inviting them into this world of sordid lust and carnal desires. I highly recommend it. Another book I would highly recommend is GE0 TIN'S masterful novel SIRENS: Sirens (Enchanted Song) it is another incredibly crafted novel the features the dual genre.

Just Like In The Movies, August 11, 2009
By Tom S. "filmfan3" (New York City)

When a high-powered CEO is killed in an apparent robbery, it soon becomes clear that his murder was personal. His ne'er-do-well nephew, Creighton Wheeler, is a logical suspect, and the dead man's mistress will do anything to get him convicted. This is a problem for Derek Mitchell, the attorney who's been hired to defend Wheeler--especially when Derek becomes personally involved with the mistress. It gets more complicated from there....

The newest thriller from Sandra Brown is a special treat for movie buffs. One of the characters--the suspect, Creighton Wheeler--is obsessed with films, particularly the work of Alfred Hitchcock. A working knowledge of Hitchcock's movies helps you play along with the action here, but it isn't essential. You'll enjoy it either way. SMASH CUT is a twisty, sexy, surprising mystery, and perfect summer reading. Recommended.