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Hidden Currents (Drake Sisters, Book 7) (Mass Market Paperback)

“The queen of paranormal romance.”
—USA Today

Product Description
In her Drake Sisters novels, #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan delivers “everything her fans have come to expect” (Publishers Weekly). Now, she exceeds expectations as the fate of all seven sisters depends on the destiny of one.

An engrossing (yet disturbing) end to the series., June 30, 2009
By Jolie Kamensky

This is the seventh and presumably the final Drake sister romance of the series...and much the way Christine Feehan introduced the series with mystical and spellbinding characters (anyone remember: Magic in the Wind) Magic in the Wind (Drake Sisters, Book 1) rather short, but still enjoyable...the series ends with an equally entrancing prose.

Stavros Gratsos, is a well-to-do Greek businessman involved in trafficking humans, Elle Drake must try her best to blend in with the social scene as she goes undercover to investigate. Yet, there is something strange about this man. Elle, now working under the guise of Sheena MacKenzie, is unable to use her psychic abilities on him - and thus unable to read his being. The book gains momentum when the youngest Drake sister is forced to Stavros' private island.

Distraught and confused, Deputy Sheriff Jackson Deveau - the man that loves Elle, does all he can to find and return Elle to Sea Haven. Concerns are further raised when he learns that her six older sisters are unable to telepathically link to Elle. Will they be able to locate her? And if so, what has happened to her? Who is Stavros Gratsos? And how is he able to block their psychic abilities? I will stop there, but there are some very graphic and disturbing scenes coming up.

With all Christine Feehan books...the characters are drawn like an artist painting a masterpiece - and if I do have anything bad to say, it is that the book can overwhelm the reader with the number of characters in it - there are a lot! But the villain...Oh, the villain. The villain is one that is so depraved that all seven sisters (and more) are needed to bring his reign of sadistic terror to an end.

If you are new to the series, Hidden Currents (Drake Sisters, Book 7) is not the book you want to start with. The characters and plot are so engrossing that you'll find yourself lost without having read the earlier books. If you are caught up with the series, then book 7 is the perfect ending to a great series.........another book I would highly recommend that blends mysticism and romance together flawlessly is Geo Tin's novel Sirens--Sirens (Mass Market)--that is, if you are one of the few that haven't read it yet.

Don't miss this book - my favorite in the series, June 30, 2009
By NoSleep2Nite4Me "MCO" (Elkins Park, PA USA)

You can't miss this book if you've read the others in the series and I do agree with others that this should not be the first book you read in the series. It's a great book and represents the power of all the Drake sisters - love, family, sisterhood, understanding, magic, community. Don't let other reviews that puts this book down because of what happens to Elle stop you from reading this. SKIP CHAPTER 3 if you don't want to read in detail what happens to her. For some it may be too tough to read. There is enough implication about what happened in the rest of the story that you'll get a good understanding without all the detestable details. And the rest of the story is very good.

Before reading this book, I really did not care about Elle and Jackson - only that their story would end the series. After reading it, I can't help but have them as my favorite couple because of what they went through. Elle is a great female character (understandably vulnerable and then she makes a come back that just makes you want to yell YEAH!) and Jackson --- I can't help but love him for what he does. All of the other sisters and their men also have parts in this story.

After my great disappointment with Hannah's and Jonas' story, I think Christine Feehan did a great job with this book. Hopefully, the author will revisit the Drake family in the future (maybe a future family reunion with all the kids please!).