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Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story (Hardcover)

An affair to remember?, July 11, 2009
By Gretchen Schwenee

I have been on a 1960's reading jag lately, a kind of nostalgic look back at my parent's decade of youth. Helps me understand where they come from and it was an interesting time of change. I was excited to get an advance copy of this book as it looked to be a trashy but fun read, and I can say it delivered on both counts (trashy fun that is)! Did Jackie and Bobby Kennedy have a love affair after the assassination of JFK? This author makes the case that they did and it is fascinating reading. But how much real truth is there here? And even if it is all true is it something the public really needs to know? The book held a certain creepy fascination over me, I couldn't stop reading, yet a part of me thought I should. Its that kind of read. It is well written, and appears well documented but I would be interested to hear if there are any dissenting voices out there?

Speaking of 1960's and creepy fascination, Check out "Misfits Country" for a look into the mind of Marilyn Monroe and the making of her final film.

Great Summer Read, July 12, 2009
By Paul Black

This book was a quick and entertaining read. I particularyly found interesting how the personal relationship of Jackie and Aristole Onassis was put on hold for Bobbys political ambitions. There are tons of indisputable and juicy tidbits to this book that add up to a summer beach book best seller. Hats off to C. David Heymann