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Wicked Prey (Hardcover)

by John Sandford (Author)

Product Description

Danger stalks Lucas Davenport at work and all too close to home, in the superlative new thriller by the #1 New York Times–bestselling author.

For twenty years, John Sandford’s novels have been beloved for their “ingenious plots, vivid characters, crisp dialogue and endless surprises” (The Washington Post), and nowhere are those more in evidence than in the sudden twists and shocks of Wicked Prey.

The Republicans are coming to St. Paul for their convention. Throwing a big party is supposed to be fun, but crashing the party are a few hard cases the police would rather stayed away. Chief among them is a crew of professional stickup men who’ve spotted several lucrative opportunities, ranging from political moneymen with briefcases full of cash to that armored-car warehouse with the weakness in its security system. All that’s headache enough for Lucas Davenport—but what’s about to hit him is even worse.

A while back, a stray bullet put a pimp and petty thief named Randy Whitcomb in a wheelchair, and, ever since, the man has been nursing his grudge into a full head of psychotic steam. He blames Davenport for the bullet, but it’s no fun just shooting him. That wouldn’t be painful enough. Not when Davenport has a pretty fourteen-year-old adopted daughter that Whitcomb can target instead. . . .

And then there’s the young man with the .50 caliber sniper rifle and the right- wing-crazy background, roaming through a city filled with the most powerful politicians on earth. . . . Rich with his brilliant trademark suspense and some of the best characters in suspense fiction, Wicked Prey is further proof that “Sandford is one of the most consistently entertaining crime writers working today” (Booklist).

About the Author
John Sandford is the author of nineteen Prey novels and eight other books, most recently Heat Lightning.

Police Thriller, May 12, 2009
By L. Lendelle

Wicked Prey by author John Sandford, brings back Lucas Davenport with another entertaining mystery/thriller. The story begins in Minnesota during the republicans presidential convention in 2008. These conventions threaten to bring along with them the unwanted attention by the media and the criminal element alike.

The great Lucas Davenport and his team - along with the local police - are blanketing the area in hopes of curbing the criminal element that promises to bring chaos to an orderly St. Paul. But one criminal mastermind manages to make his way past the otherwise unblinking eye of Lucas Davenport. Randy Whitlock, a thief stricken to a wheelchair after getting shot, seeks retribution against the person responsible for what was first considered an accident.

His plan is to exact revenge on Lucas Davenport's teen age daughter, and condemn her to the fate that befell him. If he is successful, she will be permanently confined to a wheelchair. Brutus Cohn and Rosie Cruz, along with their team of co-ops descend upon the small town with death being their modus operandi.

Wicked Prey adds a level of realism by using the real live republican party featured in the novel. John Sandford always have incredibly evil and unique villains - and Wicked Prey follows that formula. By allowing the reader into the mind of the villains and telling the story from their points of view. The reader is also allowed to follow Lucas Davenport as he investigates crimes.

Simply put, Davenport-featured novels are some of the best police thrillers on the market, and if you haven't read any of the previous Davenport novels, I would recommend that you start at the beginning. If you did read the previous books I would like to recommend Ashes Divide by Clarence Cage Ashes Divide another action-packed novel you don't want to miss.

Back on Track, May 26, 2009
By Robert I. Katz (Port Jefferson, New York USA)

In this book, we have two sets of adversaries and one red herring. The red herring is a would be urban terrorist who has been planted as a diversion by a gang of thieves. They plan on siccing the cops on him in at the crucial time in order to cover their escape with the loot.

Then there is Randy Whitcomb, paralyzed in a shooting that he blames on Lucas Davenport. Whitcomb plans to take revenge by kidnapping, raping and maiming Letty, Lucas' adopted daughter. I never like it when an author has a main character act like an idiot, just to advance the plot. Letty discovers Whitcomb's plan but instead of alerting Lucas, or at least the other cops, she decides to take him on herself. Almost a guarantee that some phony suspense is in the offing. But not this time. Letty really is as good as she thinks she is.

The bad guys are professionals and the main thief is a cold blooded killer. They're worthy adversaries and the book moves briskly along.

Highly recommended!