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When Everything Changes, Change Everything: In a Time of Turmoil, a Pathway to Peace (Hardcover)

by Neale Donald Walsch (Author)

Product Description

A dear one has died. Or a romantic relationship has ended. Or a job that was once going to be your career has just evaporated. Or your child has left home. Or you've moved to a new town. Or you're suddenly facing a health crisis, or a financial crisis, or a crisis of faith . . .

. . . whatever the circumstance, you are sure about one thing: Nothing will ever be the same.

Deep sadness, even bitter negativity, can sometimes follow. What to do then? End the life you've been living? Yes. That's the startling answer from modern-day spiritual messenger Neale Donald Walsch in a book that will touch the lives of people around the world with the same uplifting hopefulness as his Conversations with God.

When Everything Changes, Change Everything speaks to the heart of every person who has lost their bearings in the aftermath of a major life change—and to those who would help them. A strikingly clear, imminently and immediately useful text, it offers God-inspired insights on the way to move on and a breathtaking reason to do so. Here is a practical application of the fresh perspectives of the New Spirituality, with wonderful tools for healing and living and a brand-new definition of God that could make every mystery of life clear up overnight.

About the Author
Neale Donald Walsch is a writer of internationally bestselling books on spirituality and personal development. His books have sold more than 7.5 million copies worldwide and have been translated into 37 languages. Walsch lives in Ashland, Oregon.

MAKING FRIENDS WITH CHANGE - Here's How, May 11, 2009

This book answered my question: How do I handle changes TODAY, that are overwhelming and coming way too fast for me to manage or comprehend. Compassionately, Neale Donald Walsch explains simply, the mechanics of why we feel the way we do, what we can do about it, and how to DEVELOP THE SKILL of embracing and thriving peacefully in change for the rest of our lives. Sound to good to be true? It isn't; I'm living it. The book helped me immediately welcome Change, as MY new friend.

A MUST HAVE, this book reads easily and doesn't throw "Shazam! You're healed!" rhetoric at you. (Thank God!) You will want to read it again and again, and share it with everyone you know who is struggling with change...which is all of us (at some point or another). Especially now.

Handling Your Changes, May 12, 2009
By Reverend Kenneth Griffiths "Ken Griffiths" (Redwater, AB)

Oh God, Change This Scene! Changing the Situation It is one thing to have to live through major, personal disasters, and then have no plan on how to deal with the aftermath. You may not be able to change all thats happened to you, but at least with this Book you will be able to deal with it more constructively. Ask yourself the question: 'Can I at least be at peace with myself and with others despite these changes?' When everything changes [ or has already changed] you want to handle it as best as you can. And this is what makes this Book such good reading material