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Unfinished Business: What the Dead Can Teach Us About Life (Hardcover)

by James Van Praagh (Author)


"He helps a lot of people. He really is a healer. I think he's basically on this earth right now at this time and place to heal. He is the real thing. I can't tell you how many times he's been right with me." (Shirley MacLaine )

"It has such a hopeful message. Even though he's telling stories of the dead, it's really about living your life better and inspiring people to not have unfinished business." (Jennifer Love Hewitt )

"This book is a manual for life, read it now, so later you won't have to stand in line and tell Aunt Dumb Dumb you're sorry." (Chelsea Handler, Host of Chelsea Lately and author of Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea )

Product Description

Based on over twenty-five years of spirit communication and thousands of professional readings, world-famous medium James Van Praagh shares with readers the personal regrets, misgivings, remorse, and, most important, the advice of the dead who have chosen him as a medium. These spirits have a great deal to say about what they have learned and discovered on the other side and how we, the living, can benefit from their experiences.

Unfinished Business is filled with shocking and emotional stories of Van Praagh's communication with loved ones who cross over the barrier between the living and the dead to send messages to those whom they have left behind. Through these pro-found true stories, Van Praagh guides us on an adventure into the spirit world. The lessons for the living that he has learned from these experiences range from the dangers of emotional baggage caused by guilt, fear, and regret to the importance of karma, forgiveness, and taking responsibility for our actions. Van Praagh shares with us now the wisdom that, without him, we would only gain after death.

Van Praagh writes:

"When people shed their physical bodies at death, their spiritual selves see life from a whole new perspective. It's as if they had Lasik surgery. They can finally take off their glasses and see everything more clearly.

"Spirits understand why certain situations had to happen. They are able to recognize the value of others, even their enemies, and what they had to learn from them. They also realize how they could have skipped certain mistakes by not letting their egos get in the way. After crossing into the light, spirits are ever eager to share their newfound knowledge with the living, and I am fortunate to be a beneficiary of spirits' wisdom and guidance, and I am happy to share their insights with you."

A book of love between heaven and earth, one to touch your heart !, May 13, 2009
By Marion McGarry (Stamford, CT)

This book is written in the language of you and I.

One can tell that James was definitely guided by Spirit
to write these words.

The book bridges the gap between worlds,
between what we call life and the illusion of death.
It puts us in touch with our loved ones who have passed and those here, and leads to a greater understanding of just how close we all are.

Spirit and those who have passed wished to touch our hearts and our minds, through James inspired words they do and once read not one of us will never to be the same.

It is a wonderful book, James personal style has made this an easy read, yet it is full of profound and awesome new information from the other side.

This is a book that you will not want to put down and will most probably keep to reread again and again.

For I believe these simple, yet extremely new and profound words will impact you over and over again.