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The Ultimate Depression Survival Guide: Protect Your Savings, Boost Your Income, and Grow Wealthy Even in the Worst of Times (Hardcover)

by Martin D. Weiss (Author)

Product Description

Having an effective financial and personal plan for the future is now more crucial than ever. And with The Ultimate Depression Survival Guide, readers will quickly learn how to create such a plan. This comprehensive guide was especially designed to help people map out a practical financial plan in this unpredictable economic environment, so that they can stop worrying about their money and just enjoy life. Step by step, Martin Weiss--America's Consumer Advocate for Financial Safety--introduces, explains, and helps solve many of the new challenges and risks that face millions of Americans. Throughout the book, Weiss provides readers with sound strategies for coping with the credit crunch, housing bust, and decline of the U.S. dollar. The Ultimate Depression Survival Guide also examines important topics that today's investor must be familiar with--including global investing, foreign currencies, and commodities--if they intend to make it through the decade ahead.

Martin D. Weiss, PhD (Palm Beach, FL), is chairman of The Weiss Group, LLC, which consists of three separate corporations, including Weiss Research, Inc. Weiss Research is dedicated to providing information and tools to help investors make sounder financial decisions and offers its insights on Weiss is the editor of the financial newsletter Safe Money Report, known for its track record in picking major turns in interest rates. He is the author of The Ultimate Safe Money Guide: How Everyone 50 and Over Can Protect, Save, and Grow Their Money (978-0-471-15202-6) and Crash Profits: Make Money When Stocks Sink and Soar (978-0-471-42998-2).

From the Inside Flap

With no end to the global debt crisis in sight and the American economy sinking into depression, traditional advice on money could lead millions of innocent victims down the road of deepening losses. But with this timely book, Martin Weiss will guide you to the truly safe havens and show you how to turn this crisis into a unique wealth-building opportunity.

As Editor of the Safe Money Report and author of Crash Profits, Martin Weiss specifically warned of this crisis well before it began. He helped thousands of investors avoid losses by forecasting the financial difficulties of Washington Mutual, Wachovia Bank, Fannie Mae, Lehman Brothers, General Motors, and Citigroup—plus nearly every major troubled firm—well in advance. Indeed, the accuracy of his analysis is why the U.S. Government Accountability Office has praised his work; the New York Times wrote that he was "the first to warn of the dangers and say so unambiguously"; and the Wall Street Journal reported that his company's research outperformed that of all Wall Street firms they covered.

Martin Weiss's father, one of the only economists in the modern era who not only advised investors during the 1930s Great Depression, but also predicted it, performed a similar service for investors. And now, with The Ultimate Depression Survival Guide, Weiss combines the past analysis of his father with his own contemporary insights to help you protect your money, improve your income, and build wealth in the worst of times.

Step by step, Weiss outlines effective strategies that will help you to sidestep the continuing dangers in stocks, cut your losses in real estate, escape a banking crisis, build a substantial cash nest egg, and put that cash away in the safest possible place. If you feel you're stuck with sinking real estate or falling stocks, he offers you a solution that will help you sleep at night despite continuing market declines. Plus, he shows you how to recognize the ultimate bottom in real estate and stocks, giving you the opportunity to buy choice assets at bargain prices.

For the duration of this crisis—and beyond—you can also benefit from regular follow-up e-mails directly from the author. Visit to sign up for free financial updates such as critical warnings on upcoming dangers and new opportunities as they arise.

To survive the crisis on Wall Street and Main Street, you don't need extensive investing experience or the ability to forecast the future. All you need is the courage to get out of its way. So throw out your preconceived notions, start with a clean slate, and follow the commonsense guidance found in this reliable resource to survive—and thrive—during the turbulent times ahead.

Martin Weiss Has Hit Gold During Down Times. A Must Read Book, April 7, 2009
By New Reviews "Detroit Free Press" (Detroit, MI, USA)

The Ultimate Depression Survival Guide is a literal gold mine of wealth saving- and wealth creating- information that most anyone from the auto line worker to the CEO or business owner- and anyone and everyone in between- can read and learn from. This title- just like the new business title by Will Estell, Wisdom & Wisecracks for the Aspiring Business Owner-have appeared in a time when their topics are of great value and consequence for their readers. I highly suggest buying The Ultimate Depression Survival Guide, and Wisdom & Wisecracks for the Aspiring Business Owner because you cannot get this type of valuable advice anywhere else for so little investment in your time and money. Kudos to Martin Weiss for a well written, easy to read, follow and understand book that really can and will make a difference to readers.

A Think Outside the Box Kind of Book !, April 8, 2009
By Jo Ana Starr "Director of NEIH.COM" (USA)

First of all, I was impressed by the author's almost clairvoyant predictions of the financial nightmare involving the banks, brokerage companies, etc that we are now living through. What attracted me to this book were the book's title promising answers and guidance that Americans need right now and the author's reputation. I admit that I was a bit skeptical that one book could do all the title claims to do.

I was happily surprised to find solid, bottomline advise on battening down your financial hatches and once that's done, investing safely in these unpredictable times. Maybe even thriving without risking whatever you've got left after the recent stock market ups and downs.

This is a great book that I think anyone who's concerned about the current US economic situation and their own financial options within the current situation will find to be very helpful.