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From Dead to Worse (Southern Vampire Mysteries, No. 8) (Mass Market Paperback)

by Charlaine Harris (Author)

From Publishers Weekly

Starred Review. Harris outdoes herself in this pivotal eighth Sookie Stackhouse novel (after 2007's All Together Dead), packing the story full of romantic tension and supernatural action. Having barely survived a catastrophic vampire hotel explosion, Sookie's back at work in Bon Temps, La., serving vintage blood and waiting tables at Merlotte's, a vampire bar. Participating in a friend's wedding and fending off the advances of her vampire ex-lover, Bill, and her blood-bonded pal, Eric, leaves Sookie chafing over the recent lack of communication from Quinn, her weretiger boyfriend. When a violent Were power struggle erupts as Vegas vampires attempt to take over Louisiana from disgraced queen Sophie-Anne, Sookie dives into the middle of it, determined to help her shape-changing, blood-drinking friends. Harris provides many fun twists, most significantly Sookie's meeting with her fae great-grandfather, Niall Brigant, which paves the way for a shock ending that will delight longtime fans. (May)
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“With…an audacious wink of her eye, Harris creates a world that is both a weird possibility and a wild ride.”

“[An] increasingly riotous series.”

More like a series of vignettes than a novel to me, but I enjoyed the various parts (3.5 stars), May 10, 2008
By R. Kyle (USA)

I honestly am such a fan of Charlaine Harris that I'd go just about anywhere she'd take me. "From Dead to Worse" wasn't quite all over the map, but there wasn't as much of a central them in this book as there was in her usual entries in this series.

We went from weddings, to family revelations, to were-wars--and there was so much more. While the varying parts were interesting and many did tie together, there wasn't the overall unity in this book I have expected from the series.

The beginning chapter where Sookie served as the bridesmaid for Halleigh's wedding was a spinoff from Ms. Harris' short story in an anthology collection, "My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding." I'm wondering if the rest isn't bits and pieces that have just needed resolving for some time.

I think you will see some answers to some interesting questions you've had as readers all along--like where did Sookie get her gift, what makes her different? And there are a few other surprises in store.

Interesting, in part, not as cohesive and riveting as her usual offerings are in a whole. "From Dead to Worse" is still very much worth the read if you are a die-hard Sookie fan like I am, but this is honestly the first of the series I can't simply rave about.

Rebecca Kyle, May 2008

From Dead to Worse, May 7, 2008
By fireandfog "fireandfog" (San Francisco)

No question, From Dead to Worse is a bridge book in the Southern Vampire series. I am one fan who thinks that is just peachy keen fine. I thought this was an excellent book, very engaging, by which I mean I read it all in one sitting, no stopping. While it's true that this book is episodic in nature, my feeling is that going along with the characters on these episodes is high entertainment. As I get older, I find it becomes harder to concentrate, and that Charlaine Harris continues to hold my attention eight books into this series is just wonderful. The truth is, if you are going to read this series, you need to start with the first book. Read them in order, and don't start with this one, because you need to know all the back story to fully appreciate how far the characters have come. (And can I just say: Sookie needs a vacation! Ms. Harris, send her off to a beautiful island where she can relax, forget her cares for a while, sip some rum punch on nice beach, and maybe go limbo-ing with some nice fella who doesn't want anything more than the pleasure of her company.)

I think this book is for the fans who have fallen in love with these characters. We've spent the last year since the release of All Together Dead wondering what was going to happen next, and musing about the paths the characters would take. From Dead to Worse tells us some great stories, fills in some of the personal details we've all been aching to know, and sets the stage for what will be I hope many more books to come. I think From Dead to Worse was fabulous. Brava, Ms. Harris!