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Succession: Are You Ready? (Memo to the Ceo) (Hardcover)

by Marshall Goldsmith (Author)


"A 'handbook' in every sense, the latest offering from leadership authority Marshall Goldsmith is a compact field guide to letting go, gearing up, and passing the baton" --T+D Magazine

Product Description
A leader's greatest challenge can be knowing when it's time to step aside. A great deal has been written for corporate boards on the issue of succession planning. But most executives have few resources to help guide them through the process. How do you start preparing yourself--and your successor--for your inevitable leadership transition?

In this concise book, leading executive coach and bestselling author Marshall Goldsmith offers candid advice on succession from the outgoing executive's perspective. From choosing and grooming a successor while sidestepping political minefields, to finally handing over responsibility, Goldsmith walks you through each step in the succession process.

Done right, your successor can enter to applause while you gracefully bow out and start the next chapter of your life.

The Art of Passing the Baton, February 14, 2009
By Pele Ugboajah "Pele Raymond Ugboajah, PhD - L... (International Falls, MN, USA)

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is very clear that this book is less about the dry, logical, technical, or strategic issues of CEO succession and more about how to navigate the behavioral and emotional realities involved in successfully changing the guard at the top job. His central question for the CEO or top leader in any organization is: Are YOU ready?

To help you answer that question, he focuses like a laser on what may easily be the most challenging aspect of the process: the HUMAN side of leadership succession. While readily admitting that there are several books that can deal with the other technical issues, he forges ahead with powerful metaphors and stories that reveal the extreme importance of correctly handling the BEHAVIORAL challenges in leadership succession. How do you get yourself emotionally ready for moving on? How do you identify the right leaders to pass the baton to? How do you coach those leaders, and provide them with the best and most empowering tools for changing behavior? Ultimately, how do you "pass the baton?"

All these questions and more are handled in a way that reveals the unique insight Dr. Goldsmith possesses regarding the leadership challenges at the very top ... this time, not from the point of view of trying to BECOME the leader, but from the point of view of trying to replace yourself if YOU are the current, successful leader.

I love the analogy of Spock (the logical vulcan), which he uses to represent what this book is NOT about. (Dry, logical, statistical analysis). Perhaps even more, I love the analogy of PASSING THE BATON, which paints a truly powerful picture of what Succession is all about. Just as the lead runner has to carefully slow down without stopping, the second runner must also speed up and stretch out a hand to successfully receive the baton. It is this subtle dance - this carefully orchestrated coaching process - that Dr. Goldsmith uses as a central metaphor to kick off his book.

Like other previous books from Dr. Goldsmith, this is clearly a masterpiece. But beware, for this book will ask you to look deep within yourself with strong introspection if you are the CEO or Leader at the top. For succession is as much about YOUR behavior and emotions, as it is about those whom you hope to groom for the future!

Personal and Professional Succession Advice for CEO's, February 13, 2009
By Judy Knight "Thumbprint Coaching, Inc." (San Ramon, CA)

"Succession" is unique in that it focuses on the personal challenges for CEO's as they move on, as well as the professional do's and don'ts of picking and grooming a successor. This is a quick read, but is filled with thought-provoking ideas for a CEO or senior leader to ponder and then implement to ensure his or her legacy carries on. Marshall provides concrete suggestions for how to choose and coach a successor to increase the chances for a successful transition.