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Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To: Divine Answers to Life's Most Difficult Problems (Paperback)

From Publishers Weekly
Books on prayer are legion, most often focusing on why we should pray and how to do it correctly. DeStefano, author of A Travel Guide to Heaven, offers readers a refreshing look at this evergreen topic by focusing on 10 prayers God "always" answers. "Why don't people take advantage of prayers that work? One big reason is that they are so caught up in prayers that don't always work," says DeStefano. He offers readers this guarantee: "before you even get to the last page of this book, your life will begin to change before your eyes." Prayers include "God, show me that you exist," "God, forgive me," "God, give me courage" and "God, lead me to my destiny." DeStefano uses the Christian Bible as the foundation for his work, not offering quick fixes but instead expounding on the need for true repentance, right motives and genuine commitment. More conservative camps will most likely cluck at what they see as DeStefano's lack of firmness about salvation as a prerequisite to both heard and answered prayer, but a careful reading shows that the author understands faith, not selfishness, is the foundation for these prayers. His cheerful style and heartfelt faith make this an optimistic look at a timeless subject. (May)
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Advance Praise for Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To

“Why are some of our prayers answered while some are not? How do we get God’s attention? How do we get the divine ‘Yes’? In a simple, straightforward style, Anthony DeStefano takes on the mysteries of prayer. He casts a wide net to appeal to all Christians everywhere without compromising the gospel one iota. The title alone, Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To, will attract even people who aren’t believers but who cry out for help in the night. For them, the first prayer: ‘God, show me that you exist’ can be a life-changer. But don’t stop there. Read it all. It could revolutionize your prayer life.”

Pastor Jack Hayford
President, International Church of the Foursquare Gospel
Founding Pastor, The Church on the Way

“Polls tell us that most Americans believe in prayer. However, most admit they don't spend much time praying, nor do they think it is very productive. This remarkable book can make a difference for anyone who wants to pray with results. Anthony DeStefano shares insights on prayer that are practical, workable, and attainable. Everyone can profit from reading this book!”

Dr. Paul Cedar
Chairman, CEO, Mission America Coalition

“Do we really need another book on prayer? We certainly need this one! Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To is remarkably different and refreshingly direct. It takes the reader straight to the heart of the issue of answered prayer and leaves him or her there wanting more—of God, of course. This book will go on my shelf beside the great classics on prayer.”

Dr. Dick Eastman
President, Every Home for Christ
President of America’s National Prayer Committee

“Anthony DeStefano has once again drawn his readers into the mystery of God’s love and invited us to reflect m... --This text refers to the Kindle Edition edition.

Bad title, great book, May 4, 2007
By Jeffrey Miller "The Curt Jester" (Jacksonville, FL)

When I received this book by Anthony Destefano I can't say I was very enthused to read it. The title for me was pretty offsetting and I had a totally different idea of the contents of the book then the actual contents of the book. The title invoked for me the idea of the "Name it and claim it" theology bandied about by some Protestants, especially some on TV.

The actual book though is quite different from what I expected. The author actually disparages "Name it and claim it" theology and has produced a very worthwhile book. The ten chapters in the book address each of the prayers that author says God will answer starting from "God, show me that you exist. The book is filled with realistic and practical ways to address God in prayer by outlining why these ten petition to God will work.

Prayer is not candy-coated in anyway and Anthony Destefano does not offer cheap grace. Instead whether he is talking about knowing the existence of God, dealing with suffering, forgiveness, generosity, etc he is able to relate it in terms easily understood. He also does not make the mistake of making prayer merely a method and that the point of prayer is that we are talking to someone and that someone is God as a person.

Throughout the book he uses examples form St. Thomas Aquinas, C.S. Lewis, Fr. Corapi and many others to drive home the points he is making. I learned reading the book that he is also a Catholic (in fact Fr. Frank Pavone was once his parish priest). The book at times does make some specifically Catholic points when he is talking about the ten prayers, but for the most part he is obviously writing to a general audience so this is a book for pretty much anybody.

His writing style is quite enjoyable and I found myself reading large chunks of the book before putting it down. Better thought is that the book is practical on a day-to-day level and you can immediately start thinking along the lines of taking his suggestions. Sometimes you can read some fact over and over and then one person can take that knowledge you already had and make it usable. This is exactly what Anthony Destefano has done.

I hope this book is as successful as his first book and that it will receive a wide audience, it is certainly a book that deserves that and I think it will be extremely helpful to many persons whether they might be fallen-away Christians or others already well along the journey of faith.