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A Slobbering Love Affair: The True (And Pathetic) Story of the Torrid Romance Between Barack Obama and the Mainstream Media (Hardcover)

From the Inside Flap
This Time it Went Beyond Bias

Do the mainstream media have a liberal bias? Sure they do, everyone knows that, says CBS veteran and New York Times bestselling author Bernard Goldberg. But the media crossed an important line in the 2008 presidential race, moving from their usual unthinking liberal bias to crass partisanship of the crudest kind, practically acting as spin doctors for the presidential campaign of Barack Obama. In A Slobbering Love Affair, his most provocative book yet, Goldberg demonstrates how the media launched an unparalleled effort to ensure the election of the man they regarded as The One. From the thrill Obama sent up Chris Matthews' leg to the outrageously slanted "news" reports of the New York Times, Goldberg shows in exacting detail how the media, abandoning even the pretense of objectivity, moved from media bias to media activism. With his trademark blunt, honest, insider's perspective, Goldberg reveals:

* How the media ignored, downplayed, or sanitized the rantings of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Obama's long-standing "spiritual" adviser, and the radicalism of former terrorist (and Obama associate) Bill Ayers
* How the Obama campaign, while claiming to be "post-partisan," kicked reporters off Obama's plane after their newspapers endorsed McCain
* Why Obama's election makes it more likely conservative talk radio will be stifled by a new "Fairness Doctrine" that has nothing to do with fairness at all
* Why the liberal media preferred Obama to Hillary
* What we can expect from the media's coverage of Obama's presidency
* BONUS: An exclusive interview with Rush Limbaugh on the unholy alliance between Obama and the mainstream media
A blistering takedown of the media's slavish support for Obama, A Slobbering Love Affair highlights how the mainstream media has not only surrendered its integrity and objectivity, but could even endanger our democracy.

From the Back Cover
"Never in my memory were so many journalists so intent on effecting change as they were during the campaign of 2008. Sure, mainstream journalists always root for the Democrat. But this time it was different. This time journalists were not satisfied merely being partisan witnesses to history. This time they wanted to be real players and help determine the outcome. This time they were on a mission, a noble, historic mission, as far as they were concerned. In fact, I could not remember a time when so many supposedly objective reporters had acted so blatantly as full-fledged advocates for one side--and without even a hint of embarrassment.

"...Make no mistake: this is not the same old liberal bias we have witnessed for years. In 2008, the mainstream media crossed a line. As a result, their credibility is in tatters. Hardly anyone trusts them anymore. This is not good for them, of course. But it may be even worse for us."

Penetrating reporting about the lack of reporting by the media during the recent Presidential election, January 27, 2009
By Craig Matteson (Ann Arbor, MI)

Bernie Goldberg is always informative and fair in what he writes, but for some reason people on the left can't hear his message and often angrily dismiss him. Also, his writing is often misused by those on the right who believe in a vast left-wing media conspiracy. To set the record straight before I tell you all that is in this very valuable little book, I want you to know that Goldberg is clear that the mainstream media did not defeat John McCain. He says that in the November election, the lefties in the media who were actively and openly pulling for Obama probably cost McCain about a single percentage point. The author explains how three factors that beat McCain. 1) History: the fact that only once since FDR and Truman has America elected the President from the same party three times in a row (Reagan twice and the first Bush once). 2) McCain was ineffective in presenting his case for becoming President and while Palin energized the conservative base, she didn't pull in moderates and independents. Even with these winds in his face, McCain was still in the game until 3) The huge economic crisis just before the election. I think these are good points to remember.

Nevertheless, the fourth estate has a lot to answer for in their slobbering love affair with Obama. Without them he might not have won the nomination as the candidate for the Democrat Party. Their bias was so obvious that it even became the point of parody on Saturday Night Live. What does Goldberg point to in this book?

1) The way the media gave Obama a pass and packaged him as sexy, vital, and basically a rock star, while McCain was treated as old, out of touch, and even a racist. The author points to the difference in treatment each received in "The View" where Obama was given softball after softball and McCain was asked by Whoopie if she had to worry if he was going to make her a slave.
2) The way MSNBC was completely in the tank with the thrill running up its leg.
3) How the media set out to destroy Palin including printing rumors without evidence, but failed to ask any questions about Obama's background.
4) Limbaugh's view of the media treating Obama as "too big to fail".
5) The protection of Obama from Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers except for Sean Hannity and conservative media outlets.
6) The way the media set out to destroy "Joe the Plumber" in order to protect Obama.
7) The acceptance of the lame excuse about Bill Ayers that Obama was "only eight years old" when the bombings occurred and the failure to ask about the Annenberg Challenge or digging into Obama's time at Harvard.
8) The dismissal from the Obama for President plane of reporters for newspapers that endorsed McCain.
9) Charles Schumer and others on "The Fairness Doctrine.
10) The way that some in the press began to notice how little we really know about Obama only after he won the Presidency.
11) Ten questions Goldberg would like to ask Barack Obama.
12) How the Press can fix itself and avoid its slow march to irrelevance and extinction.

There is even more than this, but these are the points that hit home for me.

I think you will find Goldberg's writing style much like his TV reporting style and very easy to read and understand. I recommend the book to you and hope you read and think about the issues the author raises about the media. Remember this isn't really about Barack Obama, but the way the New York Times, the major networks and other established media went beyond its normal bias to actually shill for Obama.


Reviewed by Craig Matteson, Ann Arbor, MI